Monday, January 23, 2017

Kerosine lamp explosion injures little girl

A primary school pupil of Avu Central School, Avu, Miss Chimuanya Amadi, has fallen victim to kerosene lamp explosion .
Chimuanya (7) had multiple burns and was saved by divine intervention when the lantern exploded, setting their room on fire and injuring two of them in the room.

Her sister, Oluchi, who also sustained slight burns, had decided to refuel which was running out of kerosene.

On topping up the already lit lantern, it exploded and started a fire which was later put off.

The little girl whose name means “God is awake”, thanked God for sparing her life and that of her elder sister.

They had lost their father last year.

Their elder brother, Chinedu, said that he bought the killer kerosene from a filling station on Port Harcourt road.

Efforts to get the manager of the filling station to speak proved abortive.

Kerosene price had risen astronomically to N300 a litre in the New Year, making it susceptible to adulteration.

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