Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Prepare for Eternity, Bishop Okorocha Urges the Church in Synod address

The Diocese of Owerri, Anglican Communion recently rounded off her 2nd Session of the 20th Synod which was held at the Cathedral of Our Lord, CATOL from Thursday 6th to Sunday 10 2016.

The theme of the Synod was Building in Time for Eternity. A theme well chosen to prepare the church for a life after death as the world approach the end time.

The Bishop of the diocese, Rt. Rev. Cyril Okorocha did an exposition on the theme and presented it to the delegates at the synod.

In his message on the synod theme, the bishop said: "It is the Lord: Do not be afraid. That the people of God, the church are under siege by a vicious enemy today cannot be over-stated. The question now is 'what is the Spirit saying?."

In essence, the bishop noted that the Spirit is saying we should build for eternity. Thus, he encouraged us to live a life of forgiving and endure hardship knowing that God will make a way.

"The leading and decisive question remains - if the Lord should arrive now, are you ready? In your ministry - Who is your God or goal - money and title and the pursuit of these or the Holy One? The things you are toiling for are passing away, only Jesus will persist. Honestly and truly make this Jesus the Lord of your life in time and eternity will be yours in Him." Concluded the bishop.

Other activities at the synod include; report giving by various archdeaconry, cutting of the synod Cake, presentation of throphis to various parishes.

The next synod will be holding at Christ Anglican Church, Owerri.

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