Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Prayer is answer to persecution, not war - Bishop Oti

Fervent prayers, not weapons of war, have been described as the best option in defence of Christian faith.

Also Christian leaders and those asking believers to take up arms and defend their faith have been told to have a rethink and concentrate on prayers as the only alternative that could guarantee total victory for Christians.

This observation was made recently by the Bishop, Anglican Diocese on the Lake, The Rt. Rev. Chijioke Oti while fielding questions from reporters on the incessant killings and attacks against Christians in different parts of the country.

Bishop Oti regretted that Christians are not praying enough these days, adding that with prayers mountains of problems could be moved.

He said that the Holy Scripture does not enjoin Christians to take-up arms and defend their faith, but to pray without ceasing like Jesus Christ did when confronted with myriad of problems and persecution.

Bishop Oti said that the Israelites crossed the Red Sea to possess the promised land with fervent prayers and implicit faith in God, adding that Paul and Silas also prayed and the prison walls shook, and broke down to the amazement of their oppressors.

Our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ throughout His passion on the cross, did not enjoin us to take up arms and defend our faith, but rather asked us to pray for our enemies.

He called on the entire Christian faithful to make prayer the weapons of our warfare, so that all the enemies of the cross would be routed out.

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