Sunday, February 5, 2017

Christians advised against disobeying God

Anglican Bishop of Egbu, Rt. Rev. Geoffrey Okorafor has urged Christians to restrain themselves from being disobedient to God else they would provoke His wrath.
Bishop Okorafor who gave the advice during his first Episcopal visit and Eucharistic service at Emmanuel Church , Obiangwu in Ngor Okpala LGA, noted that owing to their stiff-neck, God's presence could elude any Christian.

He, however, explained that once they live above board, upright and within the precepts of Christianity, honouring God in all ramifications, the presence of God would go with them and they would surely be prosperous in 2017.

He also noted that once the presence of God was lacking in them, they should watch themselves and the life they lead, affirming that the presence of God would always be there with them if they resolve not to involve themselves into idolatry but bear the mark of Christ.

He assured that as many bear the mark of Christ the Presence of God would go with them, stressing that they would not only actualizing their dreams in 2017 but also recover the lost times, including being repaid for the years the locust have eaten.

The Bishop maintained that for them to receive from God they would need to make the first step of faith, believing that He was capable of offering answers to their supplications.

The Archdeacon of Obiangwu, Ven. Benjamin Nkwocha, who packaged the service thanked the Bishop for the visit, noting that the visit, being the first since the enthronement of the Bishop in 2013, has rekindled the zeal of the congregation in the mission and evangelism drive of the Diocese.

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